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Mundelein STAND-UP Task Force

Mundelein STAND-UP is compromised of local community partners united together by our passion and dedication to the prevention of underage drinking and drug use. Our goals are to reduce the use of alcohol and marijuana use by youth in the community.

Our community partners include concerned parents, students, public health, health care workers, law enforcement, social service professionals, community leaders, elected officials, educators, business owners, volunteers and local citizens who seek a safe community for our children and families to live and grow.

We work collaboratively with many partners to open discussions, educate, initiate policy change and mobilize resources.

Mundelein STAND UP Goals:

Keeping the community safe by reducing drug and alcohol use and driving.

Educating the community about the Social Hosting Ordinance.

Holding the retail community responsible for selling to only legal aged citizens.

Promoting the success of Mundelein youth by encouraging academic, social, and future development without influence of substance use.





Mundelein STAND UP Activities:

Development of social norms campaigns in the high schools.

Compliance checks done with every business owner who has a liquor license.

Implementation of media advocacy campaigns keeping the community informed.




Mundelein STAND UP Outcomes:

Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) results are used to assess the change in use and perception of risk of harm as well as the communication between parent and youth about the use of substances. Surveys are taken in the high schools to assess youth outcomes of the campaigns in the high schools. Results show that use is gradually decreasing; perception of risk of harm is increasing and communication between parents and youth is also on the rise.

We invite community member and organizations to join STAND UP efforts in the prevention of underage drinking and drug use. Please contact the STAND UP coalition at (847) 968-3779 or e-mail Don Hansen at

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